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Fix Your Own TV!

Got a TV that's not working quite right? Can't afford to buy a new one? Looking for ways to save money? Are you handy at fixing things? What if it was something you could fix yourself. What if all you needed was a little instruction. Being informed is one of the best ways to boost your confidence.

Find out if you could fix your own TV. You might discover that it's an easy fix! And by doing it yourself you would save yourself some money.

The solution may be as simple as making a minor setting adjustment with your remote control, or reseating a loose cable behind the TV. If it's that easy, why pay for somebody else to come out and fix it when you could just as easily do it yourself?

The repair might involve replacing a part, but don't let that intimidate you - we're here to help. Fixing your own TV can be a very gratifying experience. Be proud of your own self accomplishment by successfully resolving the problem yourself.

Most TV parts are replaceable. In fact, many parts can be easily replaced with just a Phillips screwdriver. It is these kinds of repairs to which this web site is devoted.

Just select a category from the choices above to get started. Find the symptom with which you are dealing from those listed in the Solution Center. The symptoms are grouped into major categories for easy access. Or, see if doing the repair is worth your time and effort by reading the articles in the Learning Center, where you will find supplimental information regarding specific repairs and links to various resources.

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