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For most of my career I have been employed in the field of television. As an in-home TV repair technician for over a decade, and have completed almost 10,000 repairs.

Before that, back in the day when consumer television companies existed in the United States, I worked as an electrical engineer for Thomson Consumer Electronics (RCA/Proscan) and also for Philips Consumer Electronics (Magnavox/Sylvania/Philco).

As a first-class FCC radiotelephone license holder I was a broadcast engineer for three television stations and a major market AM-FM radio station.

Today, I am a web site developer for a major company in Indiana. And this web site is a hobby of mine.


I recall working at Philips in the late 1980s and early 1990s. In those days, high definition television was in its infancy. The Grand Alliance (HDTV) Consortium was being formed. Even though it was an multi-national effort, contributions from the major domestic consumer electronic companies were significant. Enthusiastic engineers were busy wiring breadboard prototype circuits in the laboratory and designing integrated circuits on CAD (computer-aided design) workstations.

I had the awesome privilege of witnessing a functioning prototype of a high-definition television in the advanced development lab. The circuit boards that made up the chassis were strewn all over the bench. The CRT (cathode-ray tube, or "picture tube") was a specially built 27-inch prototype that was designed to scan the raster with a very narrow beam and at twice the rate of conventional TVs of the day. The beautiful still photograph displayed on the screen looked just as crisp as it would appear on today's TVs. It was a sight to see!

Why this web site?

I built this web site in order to help people, to be able to share what I know about how easy certain repairs can be.

I do not recommend or condone any particular brand of television. My intent is to share insight and rudimentary instruction to help you make an informed decision, and to provide you with the resources necessary to facilitate the repair of your television.

I invite you to visit my sister web site: www.myTvTestDisc.com. It offers free downloads of useful video test patterns.

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D Sheean

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