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Replacing DLP Color Wheels

Before you begin, I highly recommend that you download the service manual for your TV. There may be a step-by-step procedure in the manual for removing the color wheel. DLP color wheels are not difficult to replace. What you will have to do first is to completely remove the light engine. There should be a finned heat sink on the top side of the light engine. The heat sink may be partially covered by a plastic guard. If there is a guard, remove it. The color wheel is inside of the cavity covered by the heat sink. The heat sink fits tightly over the cavity with a rubber gasket. You will have to carefully remove the finned heat sink by removing three screws and lifting it straight up. It is an extremely tight fit, so you may need to rock the heat sink slightly to loosen it.

Once the heat sink is removed you will see the color wheel. There will be two wires permanently attached to it. The color wheel rests unsecured inside the cavity. Gently lift the color wheel out of the cavity and detach the wires from the DMD module.

Install the new color wheel in the reverse order. Make sure the rubber gasket fits snuggly around the edge of the color wheel as you drop it into place. Dress the wires the same way the old color wheel wires were dressed. The cloth tape that secures the wires helps keep electrical interference down. Sometimes the tape loses its stickiness when it is removed. You could reinforce it by applying electrical tape over it.

If there were instructions that accompanied the color wheel be sure to follow them. They usually pertain to adjustments that need to be done after the new color wheel is installed.

When you power up the television for the first time after the color wheel has been replaced, if you find that the colors on the screen are completely wrong, you will have to remove an electrical jumper from the DMD. The jumper is easily accessible; it will be found in a rectangular opening in the metal shield of the DMD in either the lower left or lower right corner. Turn off the TV and remove the jumper by pulling it out with a pair of needle nose pliers. That should fix the colors.

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